Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Good Times: Runescape

Yes, Runescape was my drug of choice a few years ago. In this post I'll outline the best times I've had in Runescape, what I found that I loved in that game, and what I miss about it. Next post, I'll talk about the downfall, and what killed Runescape for me. Jagex, you all have small boners.

I can remember some of the greatest times I had were my PKing/PVP moments... and I am by no means a PVP type of person. I've always been more into PVE, and killing high level monsters, and raiding with my friends. One thing I liked about Runescape a ton was th
e fact that there was no grinding! Yes, grinding is an option, but since it was skill-based and not class-based, it never felt redundant. There was always something new to do, and so many skills to play. Unlike current games... where I kill 20 alligators and report back to Sergeant Sweet Tits. Well... you get the idea. I enjoyed not being forced to grind.

My cousin and I would go out to Karamja, I believe, and go into the volcano to kill Lesser Demons. Sometimes they would drop nice armor, and even when they didn't it was still fun to just sit around with friends and talk while you slaughter things. Especially bunnies. I also recall when Jagex started "upgrading" the graphics. One of

their bigger mistakes, in my opinion. It took away from the game, they made it too cartoony. Those Lesser Demons I once killed started to resemble the devil in the Tenacious D movie.

But one of my other favorite things to do was to make money. Because, unlike a lot of games in which making money means merchanting (which is boring), in Runescape, any money you made got you experience in a skill. If you were getting logs to sell to someone, you'd get WC (woodcutting) levels. If you were making bowstrings, you'd get Crafting levels. If you were just killing demons or dragons, you would get Attack, Defense, Strength, or Magic, or Ranged levels. Not to mention a ton of gold. But by doing that, Jagex let players make their own classes, and by doing this, the player economy was very good on all of the worlds. Of course, with all the good comes the bad. The fact that the game was free, and the actual "membership" was only $5 per month, meant that you got the little 9 year old kids that tend to think everyone is a "n00b."

Example being. Once, I was walking towards the city of Falador, to go to the bank and get some stuff out. I don't remember what. But this guy walks up behind me and starts following me. He goes,
"Want to buy some Weapon Poison for 10k?" Now, while I had 10k gold with me, I didn't think I wanted to. It was a good price, but if I got the materials, I had a friend with high herbalism that would make it for me for free. So. I said,
"No thanks, I have a friend that can make it for me." Then he goes,
"Fine, noob!" and runs away.


Most people don't know what the word noob means. There really isn't a meaning. It's just a more derogative form of the word "newb" which means newbie. The word has given me some good laughs though. Kids in that game throw it around like it's the worst insult in the world. It really doesn't mean much of anything. Just makes the user of the word look like an idiot. This is why we call the young player
s online (well, the annoying ones anyway) nooblets.

Another fun thing I did in Runescape was build my house. I'd have huge house parties, with like 50 people. Some friends, some strangers... Regardless of who was there, it was just full of food and duels and good times. It was like a the stereotypical tavern in medieval times. Just laughs and booze and sodomy. Not a whole lot of sodomy, though. Just dancing and head banging (insider).

One other great part of Runescape was the Dragon weapons and armor. The elites of the game were the Dragon tier.

◄◄◄Example of the Dragon Longsword.

Dragon longsword, Dragon chainmail, Dragon medium helmet... Good stuff. I had the longsword, battleaxe, and mace. Why I had 3 weapons,
don't ask. But I primarily used the longsword until I got the battleaxe, the mace just kind of looked cool. But you had to go on these epic quests to get them, and it was fun doing the quests. Whether it was the Hero's Quest, or... well, the D Long quest was something about fairies, I think. Hm. That's going to bug me. But I loved doing that. The quests in the game were all different, I could always run around pwning different things, making different items, no griding involved!

I don't know how much more I can say about the good times of Runescape. Yes, there were a ton of them, and I miss them dearly. Next we'll discuss the downfall of Runescape and why I can't stand Jagex now. It'll be a long topic, not for the faint of heart. Until then, play on.

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  1. I love that game so much when I used to play it. And about the D long quest. You had to go on that one island, try tpo chop the tree to get the wood for the staff, and then when you did, a bitchy tree ent would attack you. Just kill it and continue chopping, lol.